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Waiting for the news from the Comic-Con panel like



I could literally tear my hair out I’m so frustrated with Nickelodeon. Book three is arguably the best season out of Korra’s three so far, yet it will earn the least amount of money and viewings because Nick keeps jerking it around. This season, which has already suffered leaks, zero promotion, and a rushed episode run, will be put through hiatus.

I get it. You wanted to get through the leaked episodes by rushing their releases. You hadn’t wanted to put the series on the air yet but you did it anyways to ‘fix’ the mess you inevitably put yourself in. So now that you’ve managed to squeeze past the leaks, you’ll throw us a bone with 08, and suspend the season until your pleasing.

Nick, if you didn’t want to air the show this summer, you shouldn’t have done it. The leaks were a huge fumble, aye, but this way? You’re going to cost them even MORE. You should’ve just released the trailer, let some information come out, made huge promotions and advertisements, then wait to release it in the fall as planned.

To everyone, this looks like deliberate sabotage. Whether it is isn’t for me to claim. However, you’ve fucked up something big. I hope once Bryan and Mike are out of your damned contract clutches and through with Korra, they kick the absolute shit out of your ass.

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It makes me Aangry…


lmao they picked the wrong week to pull this shit because there are literally gonna be hundreds of pissed fans all in the same building this weekend while representatives from Nickelodeon are on stand-by

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Careful you could puncture the hull of an empire-class Fire Nation battleship leaving thousands to drown at sea because you pulled Korra episodes,
Bringing Nick down too.

Korranation is asking what questions we want to ask bryke.
I can hear them already.


if this gets 5k notes i’ll mail this picture to nickelodeon’s corporate hq with no explanation whatsoever



Spongebob repeat replaces 2nd Korra episode.


My approval ratings for Nickelodeon are about 8% right now


if jinora does not pull the “dad, grandpa aang was only 12 when he started dating gran gran” card on tenzin at some point this book, I’m going to be infinitely disappointed